Company Who are we?
We are a Canadian company based in Montreal where fashion and "joie de vivre" is part of the culture. As the owner and creator of this company I fell in love with fabrics made of natural fibers for many many years especially Cashmere, cotton, linen and silk...if you share this passion you know what I mean.

After finishing my design studies and working in Canada and then in Italy I could not wait to start a project where I can share with as many people as possible the wonderful experience of owning and wearing a well-designed garments while enjoying the special comfort and breezy feeling these natural products provide.

Today, our company is proud to bring to you and many others the best quality Cashmere from inner Mongolia, famous for its soft yarn and texture; we also provide amazing products made of Pima cotton, cotton/Silk bland, silk/cashmere, cotton/cashmere, as well as 100% linen knitting sweater.

We mainly specialize in sweaters but we have other accessories to add to your wardrobe such as woven scarfs, hats, gloves and home accessories! Our mission is to match luxury, taste & quality with affordability

Our design is classic with a bit of "raw on details" to add a special zest to it, Chic but there is something for every taste and every occasion.

As part of our commitment for natural fibers we are member of NWP, a non-profit organization to help raising awareness and advantages of natural & organic fiber!

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